If you think that a corporation and corporate culture is not about your organization, then most likely that is not the case. Any union of individuals and capital in the modern world is a corporation — large or small, stable or developing, it is a holistic organism that constantly needs to maintain its vitality.

Legal support is an important component of this vitality. A reasonable question arises — what kind of corporate processes does a lawyer provide and how does he do it? First of all, these are processes within the organization itself. These are relations between founders, relations between management bodies, these are elements of personnel records, elements of compliance, rules of records-keeping activities, principles of confidential information protection, and some production processes. A separate group of processes consists of the relationship of the organization and external partners. Conclusion of transactions, appeal to public authorities, litigation, claim work, obtaining licenses, certificates, and course of a negotiation.  

Obviously, all the above processes require the presence of a sufficiently large number of lawyers specializing in specific issues. That is, as a matter of fact, an organization needs to form an entire legal division or department, each employee of which must conduct some kind of its own direction. This is not always possible and often costly. It should be noted here that the modern legal services market offers an excellent alternative to such resource-intensive events as the creation of a staff of lawyers for the organization. This is the legal support of corporations.

A2 Consult offers the services of experienced, qualified lawyers who, as the corresponding situation arises in your company, will make every effort to resolve all legal issues efficiently and fast-paced.

The undoubted advantage of corporate legal services is saving time and effort — you do not need to recruit staff and evaluate the qualifications of a lawyer, you do not need to spend resources on the development of functional duties and monitoring their implementation. All you need is to give us a general description of your needs in the field of legal support for your company, that is, to tell what types of legal services you are most in demand right now. We will do the rest of the work ourselves. We will identify the best lawyers who will be able to resolve the issues of your company, and will monitor the speed and quality of their work. You will only accept the result.

Time is money! This statement is true for the business structure anytime. Save your time together!