A2 Consult Company offers you a new format of complex legal, accounting, auditing and consulting services.

New service format is: your need is our job!

You inform us about your need. For example, you need to make a deal for a sale of land plot. From our part, we approach your question and your needs in an integrated manner. What can we do? We check the documents for the land plot and make the necessary inquiries to the registering authority, we draw up or examine the text of the sale agreement, we clarify what documents and how many copies you need to complete such a deal, we find a notary for you and set a time for registration of the deal and your rights regarding this issue. We calculate the cost of the land tax to be paid, and we explain the procedure for paying off tax liabilities, prepare a conclusion report on the possibility of re-profiling the land plot, draw up and form the necessary documents for this, and follow the appropriate authorities. What do you get from such an integrated service? First of all, you get reliable protection of your personal and property interests, save time, see the situation as a whole, in the complex of all structural elements accompanying the conclusion of such transactions.

Let’s examine one more example. You are extorted bribe by officials of some inspection body. Your need is to understand how it threatens and how to react to such actions. What can we do? We involve a qualified lawyer and tell you in detail what extortion is, how to resist it, how to react and what consequences to expect. After that, we together with you decide on the application, and all the proceedings will be held in the presence of a lawyer. We represent your interests in any law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts. We push the matter through or initiate its termination at any stage depending on your personal goals.

Thus, an integrated approach includes various services:


If you have any doubt, we check the legality of:

— your own actions

— actions of your partners

— transactions in which you are entering

— documents that you sign


We draw up a legal conclusion report on the following issues:

— correct business

— reasonableness of personnel decisions

— security of investment projects



If necessary, and for your confidence, we will organize support for the:

— deal

— negotiations

— exchange of claim letters

— mediation procedures

— legal proceedings

— obtaining any permits

— proceedings in any government bodies, including law enforcement, tax, customs organizations


If you do not have enough time, energy or desire, we will undertake the interaction with:

— any counterparties

— public authorities

— officials

— municipalities

Drawing up of

— any letters, orders, complaints, claims, statements, contracts, and agreements

— reports, analytical notes

— consultations on taxes, customs duties

— personnel documents

— accounting documents