One of the most popular types of financial outsourcing is the provision of accounting services, which involves not only comprehensive services for the preparation / delivery of quarterly reports, but also allows you to save budget funds of the enterprise.

Consulting company A2 Consult offers the following accounting services:

Accounting advice

Accounting consulting is a solution to a variety of problems that may arise during daily work or enterprise expansion.

Accounting support

Accounting support is a type of outsourcing service, within which the authority to conduct individual business processes in your enterprise is transferred to a professional company.

Accounting advice

Accounting advice is one of the services we offer that will allow you to quickly get answers to any questions about accounting.

Recovery of accounting

Restoration of accounting is a complex of actions consisting of analyzing the state of tax and accounting at the enterprise and bringing it in line with current legislation.

Drawing up and submission of reports

Drawing up and submission of reports is the formation, on the basis of the available primary documentation, of accounting, tax and statistical reports for a certain period, as well as its submission in paper or electronic form to the relevant regulatory authorities..